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digital manufacturing


3logic is a craft studio located in the restored wing of an ancient monastery in the heart of Pisa.
We create handmade digital products with the same care of a tailor or a jeweler.
Our customers can concentrate on what they can do very well, by boosting it thanks to the incredible possibilities that computer science, electronics and Internet place at their disposal.



We work for small innovative startup as well as for big multinational businesses.
In our work we combine the experience on software architectures of big businesses with the lightness of mobile solutions and machine control systems.
We think these ingredients have to be connected to free our customers’ creativity,
since they can rely on the certainty of their data and process flows.

System integration

business intelligence

enterprise architecture

Web and Cloud

Mobile Application

Internet of Things


We love learning, teaching pursuing knowledge that changes quickly.
The technologies we use are very new, so new that we sometimes have to invent them.
We combine some existing bricks with those produced by us to find always the ideal solution.
Our result is always different, in 3logic you never get bored.



Our customers usually rely on our studio and that is very important for us.
Perhaps because we solve complex problems, by covering little beaten paths.
The only possible path for us is the continuous comparison with customers who search for our help by making the project grow, because we realize step by step what we really need
and the best way to get it.



When we were children we loved taking things apart,
at the university we studied to let them work.
In 3logic we experimented how to assemble them again and build the new ones.
During the first years of work we discovered how this passion is useful to the world.
We taught it to the first ones who joined us and they teach it now to the new generation. Each generation is better than the previous one and we are very proud of it.